Francesca Taufer tecnico in Tasmania

Bella esperienza post laurea per Francesca Taufer in Australia

Riportiamo qui intervista fatta per il magazine della federazione Australiana augurando buon lavoro a Francesca !

February Coaching Interview with Francesca Taufer  

This month Brodie put the spotlight on coaching again, this time an interview with Tasmania’s coach in residence, Francesca Taufer. The coach in residence (CIR) program is an exciting opportunity for orienteers from across the world to visit Australia and coach orienteering. Francesca is from…, Italy, and has been in Tasmania from November 2022, where she will stay until May 2023. Francesca has been very active with coaching in Tasmania and also helped run the Australian Junior Development camp in December.

Hi Francesca, thanks for chatting with me, firstly lets find out a little bit more about you. Where are you from, how did you start orienteering and what has been your journey in the sport to now?
I came from Primiero, a small valley in the Dolomites (north of Italy). Is a small place but perfect for running and orienteering. I started orienteering at primary school where my PE teacher (a coach of my club) introduced me to it. At 11 years old I joined the club, fell in love with this sport and its environment, so I never left it. I then ran for many years in the Italian National team competing at EYOC and JWOC as a junior and at World cups and WOC as a senior.  I have had some physical problems in the last years, but I hope to come fully back to that once I’ll be back.

Interesting to get to know your background, sounds like many years being a part of orienteering. How did you hear about the coach in residence program? What made you want to be involved?
A friend of mine did the program some years ago and since then I have wanted to do that. Then I finish with my studies and the right time has come. I like to coach people doing this sport to see the improvement they make, the effort and joy they put in what they’re doing. I like this project because I believe that sharing experience has a fundamental role for growing in our sport. In my experience I have learned a lot from the stories, teaching and experiences of different people. I was sure that I’ll learn a lot by this experience as an athlete and a person, and I hope to transmit something to others. Also, I’ve never been to Australia before but always dreamed about coming to see different environments, maps and forests and to meet new people, cultures and live great experiences .

Good to hear that the word is getting around in Europe! Tell us more about your experience with the program in Tasmania, what have you been doing?
For the first two months I was in Launceston, north of Tasmania, where I was coaching the local club (evoc). I was doing weekly Orienteering sessions (both Sprint and Forest, trying to focus each time on some different technique) teaching orienteering in primary schools and helping with other activities (like  creating some materials with advice on some mental aspects of our sport (I studied psychology)). After Oceania championship (where I was helping wake up controls) I moved to the south in Hobart where I’m doing more or less the same things for the club here (Australopers). Both of the times I had found a warm welcome and really nice people, so everything gets easier to do and it is really nice to work with them. I’m loving my time here.

Sounds like you have had a great time so far, what are your plans for the future, any plans?
next question? 🙂 I’ll stay here at least until May. I’m going to the NOL events and I want to help the team getting there technically ready with some right training. That’s all I know about my future, ALL the rest in my life is still to decide (maybe I’ll never leave Australia 😉

I’m sure the orienteering community would love to have you stay! Ok, lets get into the quickfire round. Favourite coaching activity?
Talking with the athletes after the training to check how it was.
Best orienteering map to coach on?
Right now: St Helens area
Favourite Australian food? Italian food?
A vegemite toast (I’m joking of course, that’s not food). Italian Lasagne wins.
Favourite Australian pastime?
Searching for Wallabies everywhere
What is the thing you miss most about Italy?
Winter and snow (mmm definitely no). So my cat Taco
One thing still to tick off your bucket list?
I still have to see a koala, but they told me I can’t find them in Tassie. That was disappointing, but I don’t give up hope and try on the mainland.

Thanks Francesca, we wish you the best for the rest of your time in Australia! Whilst you are here how can people go to get in touch with you?
Phone: 0474455022